Alisha Isensee

Bellevue, Washington

Gonzaga University

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Alisha’s Bio

Alisha Isensee Flyin Ryan

Alisha is a senior History major at Gonzaga University and will be graduating in May 2019. She and her best friend will be thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail during summer 2019, and can’t wait for their new adventure together! Alisha, like many seniors, is undecided as to what to do with her life, but is considering getting her Masters in Counseling or pursuing Law School. She is passionate about environmental justice and wants to bring a social justice perspective to hiking the PCT by promoting responsible use of public lands. When she’s not studying or hiking, Alisha loves to read non-fiction, bake her famous honey bread and spend time laughing with her family and friends.

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My Core Values

  1. Listen, don't interrupt
  2. Let people cry when they need to
  3. Laugh with your friends until you cry
  4. Look at nature through the eyes of a child
  5. Eat a burger when you want
  6. Follow your gut feelings
  7. Meditate and breath deeply
  8. Take mental health moments
  9. Read all the books
  10. Drive by yourself just so you can sing
  11. Be in relationship with the earth
  12. Be true to your friends and family
  13. Be true to yourself