Ben Goertzen

Bozeman, Montana

Bridger Bowl

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My name is Ben Goertzen; I am 16 years old and live in Bozeman, Montana. I have grown up in the Montana back-country and am proud to call my church the woods. Through the years I have become an avid backpacker, mountain biker, soccer player, and most importantly skier. My parents were both ski patrollers and as soon as I could walk I was on skis. This instilled a certain love and respect for the sport. Now I want to progress my skiing as far as I can take it. Competing on the Junior Freeskiing Tour has really humbled me to see the levels of skiing kids my age are at. However, I just had my first competition of the year in Snowbird, Utah and ended up 5th out of 71 older guys. This gave me a huge confidence boost to know that I am able to hang with the best on the tour. I look forward to new experiences this winter, and am excited to have adventures in the seasons to come.

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