Julia Frantz & Philip Pfanner

Eugene, OR

Pacific Crest Trail

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In April 2014, we (Julia Frantz and Philip Pfanner) will realize a lifelong dream and begin a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, traversing 2,600 miles while hiking from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. While we are undertaking this adventure as a couple, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is a goal we have both aspired to individually for much of our lives.

We both grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and have been active in the outdoors all of our lives. From a young age, our parents took us on camping and backpacking trips throughout the Pacific Northwest, and over time, we have grown to love the adventure and freedom that the trail brings. We have both spent many a summer day hiking portions of the Oregon section of the PCT, but, up until this point in our lives, have not felt ready to take on the entire trail. Now, we seek to pursue our shared passion for adventure and our love of the outdoors by committing to and completing the PCT. We’ve realized that there is no time like the present – if we don’t seize the opportunity, there may not be another time that lends itself to a 2,600 mile thru-hike as perfectly as now. We hope the Flyin’ Ryan Hawks Foundation will consider supporting us in this adventure.

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