Marcus Wadlington

Jeffersonville, VT

Smugglers Notch, Flylow, Julbo

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My name is Marcus Wadlington and I call Smuggler’s Notch Vermont my home. I have been skiing since I was 1½ years old. Skiing is my number one passion and I enjoy and am thankful for everyday I am able to get up into the mountains. I’d like to thank my family and especially my dad for supporting me and teaching me how to ski. After 4 years of racing, my technical skiing was improved and I’ve moved onto freeskiing. I coach the Junior Freeskiing Team at Smuggler’s Notch Ski and Snowboard Club, as well as ski for the UVM Freeskiing Team. In the winter of 2015, I’ve been spending more and more time in the notch. Climbing big lines, finding new zones, and having fun with friends in the mountains have given me a new love for skiing. I continuously have a desire to climb and ski bigger and bigger mountains. I am going to start down the path of becoming an AMGA ski guide to make my passion my profession. In the summertime, when I’m not hiking in the mountains, you can find me as a river guide at Vermont Canoe & Kayak, mountain or road biking with friends, or out in the woods camping and hiking. I also enjoy a simply game of cards with the family.


My Core Values

  1. Doing something and doing it well is part of a life well lived
  2. Be consistent and creative
  3. Be the best friend and family member I can be
  4. Play and have fun
  5. Make sustainable choices
  6. Work Hard
  7. Respect myself, others, and the environment
  8. Embrace the unknown
  9. Be proactive
  10. Rather than what if, think next time
  11. Healthy and happy
  12. Live easy, live simply