Noa Barrett

Stowe, Vermont

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Noa’s Bio

My name is Noä Barrett and I was born in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins hospital but moved to Stowe,Vermont at the age of six. The first time I went skiing was in our backyard with my three brothers and three sisters. The first run I crashed a lot of times and thought I’d never make it down the hill without falling. I finally made it down without falling and it was one of the best feelings ever. Skiing is my second favorite sport right next to soccer, but it’s still really hard to choose. A year later I started Stowe busters. When I first started was in a group that could ski Mount Mansfield and do woods and cliffs ,but I could barely do any of the trails on spruce. When my group and I started I crashed way more then on the hill because I hadn’t even have done Sunny Spruce. The next day I was put into a way lower group, but I still wasn’t good enough for them either. I got put into the adventure center where I learned to ski way better really fast. When I returned to Stowe busters and I was good enough to go on Mount Mansfield. On Mount Mansfield I saw a lot of people do tricks in the park, and I wanted to be able to do that really badly. I tried it many times and did a 180 and I was so happy that I told mostly all my friends in Stowe busters. That year I learned skiing in a good way so quickly and I was very proud.

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My Core Values

  1. Never give up no matter what
  2. Have fun, but be responsible
  3. Kindness
  4. Being a good friend
  5. Listening
  6. Taking risks
  7. Honesty
  8. Trustworthiness