IFSA/Flyin Ryan Hawks Decisions Program

Carrabassett Valley Academy


Thank you for being some of the first athletes to participate in our online Flyin Ryan Decisions Program! We are grateful to you forerunners for helping us fine tune this experience for you and for those who will follow you on this adventure in self-knowledge. This version of the course provides a comments section at the very bottom of each page. The comments you leave in these Comment sections will not be part of your learning experience or be assessed. We ask only that you provide some thoughtful, genuine feedback or ideas that can help us improve this experience for athletes who will taking or leading the course in the future. We may contact you to further discuss your comments and ideas. Thanks for being a leader! You should also feel free to drop us an email!

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Peter Hawks
Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation

When you click the Register here button below, you will be taken to a Registration page where you will create an account on our website and register you for the course. That is the login you will use each time you return to the course. Keep in mind that you are a part of a specific group or team that is taking this course, and the URL you were given should not be shared outside your team or group. Your coach or leader will be able to monitor your progress, and you can directly email them with any questions or problems. We at the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundations will be on the sidelines, digesting your comments and thinking about ways we can make the course better.

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