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January 13, 2021 | 
Ryan's Portillo cliff jump backlit with sun and Flyin Ryan Foundation logo

Every time you strap on a pair of skis and head for the steeps, you begin a journey, navigating through a maze of important choices and routinely making critical decisions that have the potential to affect your short term and long term health and fitness. In this course you will begin to build the tools required to help you make smart decisions.

Understanding our unique core values as individuals is key to developing good decision making skills in every area of our lives.

To launch or to bail, that is the question.

This course is divided into a number of modules and lessons that explore the definition, value, and application of Core Values to everyday decision-making, from the mundane to the critical. You will be asked to think about what’s important to you, learn about risk and reward, goals and expectations, and think about how you can best prepare yourself in everyday life as well as in competition.

Each lesson should take only a few minutes. Don’t think of these as instructional lessons; they are different topics that you and your team will talk about together. Some of the lessons have questions at the bottom. You will see the word quiz; these are NOT quizzes or exams! The questions are intended to help you think about the topics, think about yourself, and help guide you to the ultimate goal of composing your personal set of Core Values.

The words Lesson and Quiz are the language of the software we’re using, not what we want to call them. Don’t take them literally.

Not all of the lessons include questions/quizzes. Once you’ve read the material in these, you can click on Complete Lesson at the bottom of the page to indicate you have read and considered the material. This will take you to the next lesson.

Need more help? Visit our online Users Guide. It will open in a new tab/window, so you don’t lose this page. Bookmark it for future reference!

The Decisions Program for Athletes was developed by the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation, the Smugglers’ Notch Freeski Team, and the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association (IFSA) to help athletes understand the concepts of Core Values and their importance to managing risk and adopting a mindset for success.

1. Introduction to Core Values

2. About Flyin Ryan Hawks

3. Risk, Reward, and You (SamanthaS)

4. In the Starting Gate (Tyler Dunkle)

5. The Power of Fun

6. What are YOUR Core Values?

7. Finish Line


In Closing