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Ego, drive, and commitment to excellence in an environment of competition are a double-edged sword. Unbridled, these potentially positive characteristics can lead to destructive, dangerous behaviors and potentially tragic outcomes. It is our belief that the Flyin Ryan Decisions program can channel the athlete’s energy and positivity into deliberative decision-making with significantly higher parameters for safety and well- being in terms of risk management and ultimately, and importantly, maintenance of the passion and joy which brings each of your athletes to your team and the sport.

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A few years ago, Bryan Salatino, head freeride coach at Smugglers Notch FreeSki Team, was wrestling with ideas to help his athletes manage risk effectively. Bryan and Peter collaborated, and Bryan came up with a 15 page, 5 module program, the IFSA Flyin Ryan Decisions Program which he presented to 12 of his 20 athletes who volunteered to participate in the program during the 2015 season. The program was delivered through five one-hour athlete meetings on successive Saturdays, followed by a potluck dinner where coaches and parents were invited to hear each of the athletes present themselves and their core values as a means for decision-making and the management of goals and expectations. You can catch the flavor of the program in the 11-minute documentary,  below, which introduces athletes to Ryan Hawks and to the Smugglers’ Notch program.

The success of this program has been evident. In 2015, it was presented to Scott Mahoney, president of the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA), and IFSA head judge Josh Mattison. Both wholeheartedly endorsed the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program as a productive and needed component for each of the freeride programs under the IFSA umbrella. The coaching certification committee also recognized the value of this instructional exercise of self-evaluation and has incorporated it into IFSA coaching certification standards.

IFSA Decisions Program materials

2015 letter from IFSA President Scott Mahoney

Introductory letter for coaches

IFSA Decisions overview

Syllabus 2015

The IFSA Decisions Program has three founding partners. We are grateful to them for providing the means to make this program possible.