IFSA-Flying Ryan Decisions Course – Squaw Big Mountain Team

Welcome! This is where you begin the Flyin Ryan Hawks Decisions Program. This page is exclusive to the Squaw Big Mountain Team.

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Thank you for being among the first athletes to participate in our online Flyin Ryan Decisions Program! We are grateful to you, our forerunners, for helping us fine tune this experience for you and for those who will follow you on this adventure in self-knowledge.

This version of the course provides a comments section at the very bottom of each page. The comments you leave in these Comment sections will not be part of your course. We ask only that you provide some thoughtful, genuine feedback or ideas that can help us improve this experience for athletes who will taking or leading the course in the future. Questions about the content of the course should be directed to your coach or program leader. We may contact you to further discuss your comments and ideas. After our initial rollout, these sections will not appear. Thanks for being a leader! You should feel free to drop us an email!

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