About the Foundation

Ryan Hawks portraitThe Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation is a non-profit endeavor inspired by the life of Ryan Hawks. The foundation was founded in April of 2011 after Ryan, a well-known and widely respected extreme skier, passed away from injuries sustained during a Freeskiing World Tour event in Kirkwood, CA. To honor his legacy as a person, his family set up a non-profit foundation called the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation.


  • EXPOSE adventurers of all ages to core values
  • INSPIRE adventurers to seek, find, and write their own core values
  • ACT to stimulate adventurers to use their self- composed core values as a set of rails which influence daily attitude, engagement in life, and future decisions, both large and small

Statement of Purpose

To extend the impact and spirit of Ryan Hawks to make the world a better place one person, one day, one event, one core value, one decision at a time.

The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation exists to challenge students, athletes and others to independently explore what is important to them and to take ownership of those ideas by composing a set of Core Values to serve as the basis for their daily attitude and decisions. We believe that an internally imposed sense of identity is a vital component in life that will produce higher quality decisions and a greater sense of well-being.

The Foundation has three programs that promote the Core Values Matter philosophy.

The Flyin Ryan Decisions Program

  • A four-stepĀ curriculum/program that encourages the exploration of the Core Values concept and the development of a personal set of Core Values that are presented to peers, teachers, coaches, family and others.

The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

  • A call to action for anyone who is interested in developing their own self-composed Core Values.

The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Program

  • Provides grants that acknowledge and encourage the pursuit of passion grounded in Core Values and considerate of financial need.