Ryan in ski goggles

Our reason for existence is to extend the impact of Ryan’s life by inspiring students, athletes, adventurers and others to compose their own set of core values to establish self identity and take ownership of their engagement in life. We believe that the daily decisions people make are likely to be more sound and productive if respectful of their deliberative set of self-imposed core values. We have three programs that help to implement this thinking:

The Flyin Ryan Decisions Program

The Flyin Ryan Decisions program is intended to guide students, athletes, coaches, adventurers and others to explore the things that are most important to them, that drive their decision making on a daily basis. It is a curriculum that helps people identify what is inside them, write these down as a personal set of Core Values, and share them with peers and others who are important in their lives. To date, there are versions of the Decisions Program that are geared towards two groups: Athletes and Coaches of all ages, and Students.

Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

The Core Values Challenge, as the name implies, is a call to action for anyone interested in discovering more about what motivates them and developing a self composed set of Core Values. It is very simple, but powerful.

The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Program

The Adventure Scholarship Program acknowledges and encourages the pursuit of passion that is grounded in core values and financial need. On a rolling basis, applications from individuals and small groups are considered, and awards are made to those who have a drive to succeed, who create their own set of Core Values, and who demonstrate a level of financial need.