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Bryan Salatino

Bryan has been a friend of Flyin Ryan for years and is responsible for customizing the Decisions Program to fit the needs of risk assessment issues. Bryan’s lifelong passion for backcountry skiing, hiking, and mountain biking drew him and his wife Sarah back to VT in 1997 to be closer to their favorite backcountry destinations. Read More…

John Painter

John Painter, educator, skier, and mountain biker, is largely responsible for bringing the vision of a Decisions Program for Education to fruition. A faculty member at South Burlington High School (Vermont), John piloted the Decisions Program with 900 Sophomore students. As part of his program, John created a video to share his Core Values.

Adam Comey

Adam Comey helped pioneer the sport of competitive freeskiing in North America with the invention of the Freeskiing World Tour in the late 1990’s. A valued member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Adam brings a commitment to the Core Values Matter philosophy, along with the business expertise and experience he has as co-founder and CEO of Read More…

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Samantha Stetson

Samantha Hawks Stetson, Peter’s daughter and Ryan’s other sister, was a major contributor to the operations and organizational side of the Foundation during its startup and early years. Samantha’s expertise includes the development and implementation of marketing and executive training programs. Samantha has been in the digital industry since 1999 and was Director of Ad Read More…

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Alicia Hawks

Alicia Hawks, vice president, fills multiple roles at the Foundation. She manages the Adventure Scholarship Program with her dad, Peter, and helps with social outreach and events planning. She is the younger sister to Ryan, is a constant presence at Foundation events and meetings. Says Alicia: “Ryan certainly held true to his core value, ‘be the best Read More…

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Peter Hawks

Peter Hawks is Ryan’s father, and the foundation’s President and CEO since its founding. He is the driving force behind the creation and continuing success of the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation. “I have a very special relationship with Ryan as mentor and mentee. Ryan’s spirit and core values continue to be a fundamental and guiding force Read More…