Aaron Rice with 2.5 million feet on GPS

On December 29, 2016 Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Recipient Aaron Rice achieved a dream: He skied 2.5 Million human-powered vertical feet in a year. In fact, he did it in 364 days.

5 Winters ago I skied ~75,000′ vert, The next year I skied 117,000′ vert. The next year 248,000′ vert. The next year 447,000′ vert, and last year 703,000′ vert. This year, my goal is to earn 2.5 Million self-propelled vertical feet. This will beat the current record held by Greg Hill. I know this is within my physical limits, but I keep asking myself if I can do it mentally, emotionally, and logistically. I believe the answer is yes, but I need to prove it to myself.

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