Decision for Education

At South Burlington High School, Ryan’s alma mater, over 1200 students have participated in the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program. Flyin Ryan is currently implementing the Decisions program in other Vermont area high schools and middle schools. In addition to the impact this program has had on individual students and their parents, it has had a dramatic and positive effect on the culture and climate of the school.

Attention Vermont Educators

The Flyin Ryan Decisions Program fits right in with the Flexible Pathways initiative in Act 77, which provides for Personalized Learning Plans. A Critical Element of the Self Knowledge/Student Profile requirement, calls for an examination of students’ Core Principles.

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) presents the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program as a model exercise in the Chapter 1 of their publication PLP Resource Guide for High Schools. The Guide is available at no charge to educators, advisors, counselors and administrators throughout Vermont to help them implement Personalized Learning Plans.

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Decisions for Athletes and Teams

Every time our young athletes strap on a pair of skis and head for the steeps, they begin a journey navigating through a maze of important choices, routinely making critical decisions that have the potential to affect their short term and long term health and fitness. With the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program, athletes begin to build the tools required to make smart decisions. Understanding our unique core values as individuals is key to developing good decision making skills in every area of our lives.

The Flyin Ryan Decisions Program for Athletes and Coaches was piloted with the athletes and coaches of the Smugglers’ Notch Freeride Ski Team, and has the backing of the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association (IFSA).

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