The Case for Core Values

We believe that if what YOU say, think and do is guided by a strong foundation of self -composed core values, you are far more likely to lead a life well lived. In the Core Values Challenge, we ask you to connect your mind with your heart and your unique core spirit to discover those qualities that represent you being your best self. Armed with core values to give you self-identity and self-respect you will discover that it is no longer necessary for you to abide by the dictates and expectations of others. Finding and composing your core values is a critical life lesson which should not be ignored.

Ryan’s Core Principles for Living

  • Live every day, all day
  • Never stop exploring life
  • Never lose my adventuresome attitude
  • Be the best friend I can be
  • Be the best brother, son, uncle I can
  • Look out for others
  • Look out for myself
  • Look out for our surroundings
  • Play like I’m thirteen
  • Be self-sufficient
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Work hard
  • Live easy
  • Live simply

Ways to Engage Your Core Vales

The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation promotes the Core Values Matter philosophy with three major programs that focus on helping individuals discover, enumerate and act on a self-composed set of personal Core Values.

The Core Values Challenge

Quick and Efficient

The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge is a call to action that encourages people to think about, write down, and act upon their personal set of Core Values. It is an easy way for anyone to actively discover, record and act upon their self composed core values.

The Core Values Challenge is the simplest way for individuals to begin exploring the Core Values Matter philosophy. It asks nothing more than identifying those things inside you that help you determine your daily attitude and the things you consider when making decisions, small and large.

The Core Values Challenge is a very direct way to build your personal list of the factors that are important to YOU on a daily basis. Writing down a list of Core Values is fundamental to developing a consistent way to look at the ways you personally engage the world.

Take the Core Values Challenge

The Decisions Program

A Deep Dive

From schools and businesses to athletic teams and board rooms, organizations are recognizing the value of defining Core Values at all levels, from top level organizational principles that help guide the decisions and behaviors of large groups, to the Core Values of the individuals contributing to their success in personal as well as collective efforts.

The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation has developed two tracks, Decisions for Education and Decisions for Athletes and Teams, that help organizations large and small to develop in their students and athletic teams the Core Values Matter philosophy and practice. Through a structured approach, we can help educators, students, coaches and athletes explore and enumerate their lists of self-composed Core Values.

Learn about the Decisions Programs

The Adventure Scholarship Program

Are you an Adventurer with a Dream?

Do you have a dream, a goal or an adventure that you are passionate about? Do you need some help to accomplish it? Consider the Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Program.

The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholars are a diverse group of more than 130 people who have well-defined dreams, who embrace the Core Values Matter message, and who met all met the requirements for receiving an award at the time they applied.