Self exploration to determine what is most important to you and understand the impact you make on others.


Adventurers to live their Core Values daily, share the benefits with their peers and become an ambassador.


The benefits of personal reflection, Core Value, decision making and self identity.

Statement of Purpose

To extend the impact and spirit of Ryan Hawks to make the world a better place one person, one day, one event, one Core Value, one decision at a time.

The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation exists to challenge students, athletes and others to independently explore what is important to them and to take ownership of those ideas by composing a personal set of Core Values to serve as the basis for their daily attitude and decision making. We believe that an internally imposed sense of identity is a vital component of a life that reflects high quality decisions and a greater sense of well-being.

The Foundation has three programs that promote the Core Values Matter philosophy.
The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

A call to action for anyone who is interested learning more about themselves and improving their decision making by composing and illuminating their personal Core Values. It’s a quick-start initiative that can yield results quickly and easily.

Learn About the Core Values Challenge
The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Program

Provides grants that acknowledge and encourage the pursuit of passionate goals grounded in an individual’s Core Values and in consideration of financial need.

Learn about the Adventure Scholarship Program
The Flyin Ryan Decisions Program

A deep dive curriculum/program that encourages the exploration of Core Values concepts and the development of a personal set of Core Values that are shared with peers, teachers, coaches, family and others.

Learn About the Decisions Program