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Adventure Scholarship Update – Erick Crockenberg

Erick received his award in 2019. He has been preparing for his trip to Kyrgyzstan on the 22nd of January. He will be working with Ryan Koupal the founder of 40 Tribes a ski guiding and community development initiative. The work will be a combination of three of his passions community development, travel, and outdoor Read More…

Adventure Scholarship Update – Sonya Buglion Gluck

  Today we are sharing an Adventure Scholarship recipient update sent to us by Sonya Buglion Gluck. Sonya is a 2013 recipient of a Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship award. We helped her attend Kroka Expedition’s Ecuador Semester, an outdoor education program focused on experiential learning, adventure sports and traditional skills. She has continued in subsequent years to undertake adventures which Read More…

RaisedVT Selling Truckers Hats to Benefit Flyin Ryan

We’re excited to announce that RaisedVT is once again selling Flyin Ryan branded hats in a show of support for our organization. Check out these great looking trucker hats in blue, black and grey! Get yours here:  

RaisedVT Trucker Hats

Adventure Scholarship Update – Devyn Blood

Devyn received her scholarship in 2013. She is an amazing person and equestrian. A while back she used her grant to compete with her horse Mara, together they competed in their first “A” rated show together. Here is what she has been up to since. The past year has been a bit different for me Read More…

Devyn Blood

Adventure Scholarship Update – Julian Lathrop

Julian received his scholarship back in 2015 to go cross country and see some of the national parks. He went with his pal Conor who was his co-pilot through the adventure. Here is what he had to say about the experience. “The trip was incredible, beside our diets, it went really really well. We hit Read More…

Julian Lathrop

Adventure Scholarship Update – Saeed Zaroori

Saeed Zaroori received his scholarship award back in the summer of 2019. He’s a journalist and inspirational lecturer in the field of adventure travel. He is also the Founder of Iranian adventurers with Disabilities Team and a highly motivated individual. Muscular dystrophy has weakened his hands and legs but could not affect his motivation and Read More…

Saeed Zaroori

Adventure Scholarship Update – Dani Sweet

Dani has been still keeping the ball rolling during her hiatus at home. She’s really got it figured out in terms of being sustainable. Here is what she has been up to during these unusual times. “Living in a Pandemic is a bit weird. However, keeping adventure alive is easy with the right mind set; Read More…

Dani Sweet

Adventure Scholarship Update – Tucker Vollbrecht

Tucker is a big mountain telemark free skier. He received his award way back in 2012. He has developed a reputation for smooth style and stomped landings in his competitions. He has embraced the Flyin Ryan way to the max, here is an update from Tucker. “I’m definitely still getting out there and implementing Ryan’s Read More…

Photo of Tucker Vollbrecht

Adventure Scholarship Update – TJ Tucker

TJ is an old scholar catching back up. He received his award back in 2013 to pursue his passion for skiing. He is still shredding it, here’s what he had to say. “I stopped competing back in 2014, but have not stopped skiing! I also picked up snowmobiling and now I do not even ride Read More…

Photo of TJ Tucker

Adventure Scholarship Update – Saeed Zaroori

Saeed Zaroori is 32 years old, the Founder of Iranian Adventurers with Disabilities Team and a motivated adventurer who has showed to Iranian people with disabilities and non-disabled persons that they can take adventures with any physical conditions. He is a journalist, inspirational lecturer in the field of adventure and travel. Saeed receive his award Read More…

Photo of Saeed Zaroori