About the Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge is a call to action that encourages people to think about, write down, and act upon their personal set of Core Values. It is an easy way for anyone to actively discover, record and act upon their self composed values.

Profile of Ryan holding a sign, "I want to be like..."

How to get started

  • Decide it is worth doing, and choose to do it.
  • Watch this 4-minute video on YouTube that introduces you to Ryan and highlights his Core Values. Remember, your core values are YOURS, not copies of someone else’s.
  • Use your smartphone, an index card, a small pad of paper, or anything portable that allows you to record your Core Values as they occur to you. These arise from your personality, your passions and your guideposts for decision making. You can also record your Core Values right here on our website and you’ll get them delivered to your Inbox.
  • There is no time limit; it is more of a marathon than a sprint. There is no “right” number of Core Values; the number is a reflection of what is inside you, what is important to you.
  • Include a verb in each of your Core Values. They are action oriented; the basis for your future decisions and behavior.
  • The best source to find your Core Values is in your heart and your core spirit.
  • Once they are recorded, carry them with you, post them where you will see them regularly.
Get Started Here and Now!

The Core Values Ambassador Program

People who have completed the Core Values Challenge, and who are excited about sharing the Core Values Matter message can become a Core Values Ambassador.

The Core Values Ambassador program expands the footprint of the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation by helping people who have composed their Core Values to approach and stimulate their friends and others to undertake the same journey of self-discovery.

Basic requirements
  1. Complete and submit your own self-composed Core Values
  2. Provide the Foundation with some basic information and a photo.
  3. Collect Core Values from 5 or more friends, acquaintances, family or team members.
Tools to help you
Contact Us for more information about becoming a Core Values Ambassador!
Hazel Harris, in white ski cap and goggles, blue-green parka.

Core Values Matter

"Always be open to learning"

Hazel Harris

"Be the best family member/friend I can be"

Oscar Andersson

Acadia Denali Kessler


Adam Peterson

"Do because I want to, not because others want me to"

Aaron Rice

"Live like a pirate"

Breezy Grenier

"Be present"

Andie Creel

"Be true to yourself"

Alisha Isensee

"Embrace new adventures"

Ashley Maxfield

Brooks Hudson

Calvin Myrick