This is a life update from 2017 Adventure Scholarship recipient Jacob Quijas.

Hello Flyin Ryan Adventure crew! 

So much has happened since I last updated! Ever since I discovered my passion for aquaculture, it has taken me from 2 different states! I’ve been a fish farmer in Massachusetts where I’ve made some life-long friends. Now I’m in Indiana working as a fish farmer!

Soon, I’ll be possibly moving to New Mexico to work as a fish farmer once again. Because traveling and seeing the country is a big core value of mine! And now that I’m married, I always do my best to be a hardworking man when I’m away from home, and a loving and supportive husband when I’m home.

I wanted to also mention that I also have started a passion project. I have been running a podcast called: Viva La Festiva Podcast! On it, I talk about festivals that occur in the US and occasionally around the world! Guests meet with me virtually and we talk about what festivals they run or help out with. It has been a lot of fun to learn about why people celebrate things from Owls, Strawberries, James Dean, Bugs, Cheese, and Steampunk! You can access it here.