My name is Marcus Wadlington and a lot has changed in my life since my last update. 

I am now a nurse and have recently started travel nursing. It’s been a real adventure going somewhere new every 3 months, but it’s been an eye opening experience to live in new places and interact with new people. I do miss the regulars you see in your day to day life, but one day I’ll establish myself into a community and find a regular routine.

Currently, my life has been focused on my fitness. I had several orthopedic surgeries, which has left my hip mobility in a constant work in progress. I’ve been putting in lots of time at the gym and seeing really good results whenever I play outside be it skiing, running, or surfing. In addition to fitness, I’ve set a goal for myself to run the Boston Marathon in April. I’ll be fundraising through the Boston Public Library Fund and if any reader’s would like to donate to my cause, I would be very thankful! 

Looking forward as a professional, I hope to start working as a flight nurse in the next couple years. Looking forward as a person, I hope to travel around the world more, spend more time on the water hopefully improving my surfing, and show how important the people in my life are to me. 

Here’s a list of my current core values (it’s ever-evolving):

  1. See the positive in every situation, comprehend the negative
  2. Relax and be present
  3. Take time for yourself, make time for friends, family, strangers
  4. Embrace the unknown
  5. Explore life in every sense
  6. Learn from your dog – be as excited to see people in your life as your dog is to see you when return home
  7. Play like I’m ten
  8. Say thanks, not sorry
  9. Practice patience daily
  10. Self-Control with Meditation
  11. Live Passionately
  12. Make sure those important in your life, know why they are important.