Rocco Jones is an incredibly active kid with his foot in the door in almost any sport. He’s a big mountain biker, skier, climber, runner, and he’s even competed in some Spartan Races. Rocco has his sights set on getting to the X Games one day, and we know he will! After a few snowboarding accidents, he’s become a strong advocate for wearing helmets when on the mountain as he grows to becoming an X Games snowboarder. Here’s what Rocco got up to last season on his trip to Mammoth with Killington Mountain School.


I’ve been doing well this fall and looking forward to the snowboarding season. I have several goals this season, one of which to learn how to use the corks on my board and to have fun really. I had lots of fun this previous season with my coaches making sure I stayed uninjured. I was landing flips right and left, and I ended on a high note with landing a double backflip on our nine day mammoth.

The trip was awesome, just our nine person snowboard team stayed in this little place in mammoth. We were on the snow from about nine to two every day. I learned a single backflip before the trip and had been doing some doubles onto the airbag with my coach. We had been discussing it throughout the second half of the season and on the last day of our trip he asked me if I wanted to do it. I was surprised because originally he said no but he thought He could do it. I tried 2 times that day. The first one was so close to landing then I went for it again and landed it. It was the happiest moment that I had. I landed a dream trick I had for a while.