Photo of Saeed Zaroori

Saeed Zaroori is 32 years old, the Founder of Iranian Adventurers with Disabilities Team and a motivated adventurer who has showed to Iranian people with disabilities and non-disabled persons that they can take adventures with any physical conditions. He is a journalist, inspirational lecturer in the field of adventure and travel. Saeed receive his award in 2019 and has sent us the following update on his adventures:

I reached the peak with my power wheelchair (I slept one night in an ancient cave) and after two days I was on peak, but the rock climber could not join us due to the sudden change in the climate! We stopped the last part of the adventure because of the bad weather and now we have snow there! we have to wait for spring to do the last part.

We wanted to have a dreamy landscape and sleep on the wall of the peak above the clouds!

A short documentary is recorded and we are waiting for better weather to continue. I am sure that the movie will win some festivals.