Aaron Rice

Acton , MA

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Aaron Rice shows 2 million human powered vertical feet skied

Adventure Scholar Aaron Rice is a native of Acton, Mass. He grew his love for skiing while racing on the icy slopes in New England and bushwhacking through the Vermont backcountry. After graduating from the University of Vermont, he moved out west. Aaron spent three years pushing into the Colorado, Utah, and Patagonia backcountry. He learned to travel in avalanche-prone terrain and how to move quickly and efficiently through the mountains.

World Record holder

In 2016, Aaron Rice broke the world record for most vertical feet skied in a year (over 2.5 million) all under his own power (no lifts!). He used his Adventure Scholarship to fund an additional avalanche training course before he began his mission.

Aaron Rice’s journey was chronicled in the short film  2.5 Million which was selected as a 2017 Banff Film Festival finalist.

Follow Aaron Rice at airandrice.com, on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, or using hashtag #2point5mil.


Aaron Rice skiing

Aaron in deep powder

My Core Values

  1. Foster community
  2. Make decision with intention
  3. Be open to new ideas and new technology
  4. Be inclusive
  5. Spend time learning
  6. Spend time outside
  7. Play daily
  8. Prioritize family
  9. Prioritize friends
  10. Be an active listener
  11. Maintain an open mind
  12. Act with conservation in mind
  13. Behave in sustainable ways
  14. Do because I want to, not because others want me to