Alex Villalba

Dallas, Texas

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Alex’s Bio

Howdy! My name is Alex Villalba. I’m a twenty five year old bicycle mechanic and just recently finished my first solo bike tour through the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and Belize. While I’ve gone on bike tours with small groups of people, my first solo tour really affirmed that I am more than capable to go on rad adventures without the need to depend on anyone else. When I’m not building bikes, teaching bike mechanic classes or fighting the patriarchy, I’m teaching ESL classes to children and scheming my next tour. My core values, passion, and love I have for my Mexican heritage has inspired my upcoming plan of touring the 1,700 gnarly miles of the Baja Divide this winter.


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My Core Values

  1. The grittier the better
  2. Be authentic, no matter what the cost
  3. Always offer a helping hand
  4. There is always hope
  5. Never forget where you come from
  6. Make time to dance
  7. Be the person your dog thinks you are