Charlotte Khamnei

Mad River Glen

Freestyle Team

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I have been skiing since I was 2 years old. I started skiing at Mad River Glen and I have skied there ever since. At the age of 4, I skied with the Ski School and then with the Development “devo” Team until I was 10. After that, I skied with my dad while my brother and sister skied with the Freestyle Team. I now ski independently or with my mom or dad. After I stopped skiing with the Devo Team, I was really unmotivated to continue skiing. Skiing has and is so enjoyable for me, but being at the level that I am has made it less enjoyable. If I was on the Freestyle Team, I would be given a chance to work hard at skiing, get excellent coaching, meet new people that love skiing just as much as I do, and succeed in something that I love.