Eyuel Seyoum

Mojo, Ethiopia

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Eyuel Seyoum head shot

Eyuel’s Bio

Eyuel Seyoum was born and raised in Ethiopia and got a taste for travel when at age 17 he got a scholarship opportunity to study at the United World Colleges (UWC) branch in Swaziland (now called eSwatini) located in the highlands of Mbabane. There he got involved in rock climbing and backpacking. After graduating high school he came to the US to pursue a Biochemistry and Computer Science degree at Bucknell University. There he pursued various research projects including studying the long-term effects of stress on genetic expression in

Eyuel with backpack hiking on mountain

seabirds as well as the long-term effects of climate change on seabird productivity and food availability, which took him to a remote island in Alaska where he lived out of a tent for 3 ½ months. He graduated from Bucknell in May 2018 and then moved to Arlington, Virginia where he worked and played soccer and now resides in Westfield, Vermont. Before attending graduate school he is embarking on a TransAmerica bike ride that will take him from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon between early March and late June of 2021. Along the way he will be documenting his trip in film and photographs. Eyuel says, “The idea of overcoming challenges and extracting joy out of it is what inspired my proposed adventure to bike across the entire United States.” Eyuel will be using his Adventure Scholarship to purchase supplies for this trip.


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My Core Values

  1. Appreciate the present to its fullest
  2. Be the person that lightens up others’ day
  3. Enjoy the company of my family and friends –– they are the most valuable things
  4. Do not shy away from challenges and embrace the suck
  5. Laugh at myself when I can - it helps me find humility
  6. Do not get complacent with wins –– use them to reach further
  7. Do the job right, to the best of my ability
  8. Plan big, but execute one thing at a time
  9. Avoid seeking others’ approval; instead live by my own rules
  10. Enrich myself intellectually and strive to learn from others