Kelly Kate Warren

Novato, CA

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Kelly Kate Warren at Big Sur

I’m a public lands owner, customer, and employee who’s spent the last 5 years working with outdoor youth development programs. I care passionately about conservation of natural resources and the importance of educating and empowering young people, and I started a project called The Trail Speaks to share the knowledge and stories of people who live and work in the Wilderness. I began my career in trails as a corpsmember in the California Conservation Corps’ Backcountry Trails Program in 2012 and I’ve spent the years since as a cook and supervisor, most recently as a USFS Backcountry Cook for crews in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. I am thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2017 and will be detouring to volunteer with trail crews and outdoor nonprofits. I will also be protesting for human rights and the protection of public lands, and interviewing people for The Trail Speaks.

Visit Kelly Kate’s website, The Trail Speaks

Read Kelly’s application essay

Read Kelly’s letter of recommendation

My Core Values

  1. Spend time in nature, and help others to spend time in nature
  2. Respect the Wilderness, and instill that respect in others
  3. Protect wild places
  4. Listen to peoples' stories
  5. Write the story of your life with deliberation
  6. Practice gratitude and joy
  7. Educate and inspire people
  8. Be gracious
  9. Support and create community
  10. Be a good friend, daughter, sister, and supervisor
  11. Be kind
  12. Be kind to yourself
  13. Be of service to others