Kierce Thompson

Frederick, MD

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Kierce’s Bio

Kierce is 11 years old and resides in Maryland. Disabled developmentally and medically, he found a love for nature and the outdoors early on. He didn’t connect with people the way most do, he connected with living things or beings. Kierce enjoys fishing, hunting and basketball. He’s currently in 6th grade at a private special Ed school and his favorite subject is Science. He also enjoys music, jokes and pranks. He loves to laugh and just live life to the fullest. He believes the Atlanta Hawks are the best team to ever step on a ball court and will never back down from a debate otherwise. He is kind, giving and lively. A tiny comedian with a fishing pole.

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My Core Values

  1. Treat every living thing the way you would want to be treated
  2. Try new adventures
  3. Always remain positive
  4. Show Love to nature and animals
  5. Work hard at the things I love
  6. Laugh at all the jokes