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A group of 8 students at Southern Vermont School, Marlboro College were awarded a Flyin Ryan Scholarship for a dream expedition of the Chic Chocs in Quebec, CA. Matt McIntosh, Sophie Ackerman, Sam Amber, Chris Lamb, Cait Mazzarella, Jonah Rosenblum, Noah Strauss-Jenkins and Max Cliggott-Perlt were participating student adventurers.

“This is an opportunity to prove to Marlboro’s incoming president that the Outdoor Program needs more funding and respect. It’s a chance to grow as skiers and riders so we can conquer bigger peaks, steeper drops, and deeper powder; it’s an opportunity to never stop exploring life. Most of all, it’s a chance to spend a week with passionate people that love each other in a beautiful place and to spread the good tidings of the mountains back to our lonely college here in Southern VT.”-Matt McIntosh

Check out the Recipients Blog on our website to learn more about their trip!

“Thanks again for the support of our trip up to the Chic Chocs. We had an amazing adventure. We accomplished all our goals: skiing world-class powder, using/teaching our avalanche assessment skills, getting closer as a group of friends, having a blast, and lighting the fire for future backcountry endeavors in all seasons and locations.” -Matt McIntosh

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