Megan Davin

Morrisville, VT

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Megan Davin photoSays Adventure Scholar Megan Davin, “I am drawn to open country where the world becomes clearer and begins to make more sense. Knowing the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. Just having no regrets living for the moment. I’m a skier. A mountain biker. A runner, an adventurer, a lover of the mountains. I find a little adventure every day.  Typically found in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I am stoked on life and want to see as much as possible.”

Megan will use her Adventure Scholarship to travel from her hometown of Morrisville Vermont, to the big mountains in the West for the first time. “Live your adventure-Love your life”

Megan’s website Skirting The Mountains reflects her love & passion for the mountains and mountain culture while still embracing a more feminine side of the journeys through nature by showing real adventures and stories.

Megan is an active member of her community promoting sustainability and women’s empowerment in the outdoors.

“Women need to work together and support one another for success not only in the outdoor industry but in all aspects of life.”

Megan also posts tells her stories and contributes articles to the Outbound Collective.

My Core Values

  1. Love your life
  2. Love your Adventure