Zach Haskell

Waitsfield, VT


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Zach’s Bio

My name is Zach, I live in Waitsfield, Vermont and I am a thirteen-year-old freeskier from Mad
River Glen. I have loved skiing since I was two. My first time competitively skiing was in the Mad
River Glen Junior Mogul Competition and I was the youngest competitor. Since then I have had
a love for Big Mountain and Freeski competitions. I think one reason I like skiing, is that I can be
creative with it and no one is telling me what to do. When there is no snow I love to Mountain
bike. While I’m biking I have the same feeling as when I’m skiing and it feels great.
One goal is to make NORAMs.

Zach’s Personal Statement

My favorite adventure was one time I went night skinning. It was the best.
Me and my family went up Lincoln Gap Road at 9 pm. To skin up so late and
you’re so cold it feels like you shouldn’t be out there. When you first start going
down you notice how fun it is and how cool you feel. We also had our dog, Ozzy,
with us. Skinning with a dog and skiing with a dog is so much fun. The best is
when he runs next to you on the way down it feels like you’re in a ski movie.

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Zach Haskell
Zach Haskell

My Core Values

  1. Always have fun
  2. Always give the right amount of energy
  3. Always work hard but play harder