Oscar Andersson

Hinesburg, Vermont

Oscar was our first Core Values Ambassador. He collected 5 sets of high quality Core Values at the 2023 IFSA/Flyin Ryan Junior 3 National Freeride event held at Mad River Glen, Vermont. This was a major IFSA (International Freeskiing and Freeriding Association) event that enables eastern freeride skiers to qualify for the National Championship.

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My Core Values

  1. Be honest
  2. Work hard
  3. Hold myself accountable
  4. Ask for help only when you need it
  5. Complain less, and hold myself to high standards more
  6. Follow my passions
  7. Be the best family member/friend I can be

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Our Core Values Ambassadors have not only completed the Core Values Challenge and shared their self composed Core Values with others, but acknowledged the value of doing so. These people have have demonstrated their enthusiasm for the Core Values Matter message by encouraging at least 5 friends, family members or others to undertake their own journeys of self discovery by completing the Core Values Challenge.

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