The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

May 14, 2021 | 
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Understanding your unique Core Values as an individual is key to developing good decision making skills in every area of your life. Your personally composed set of Core Values is a critical life lesson where you establish authentic self-identity and take control of the person you want to be. It is an essential skill with which you dictate the terms of your engagement in life. It serves as the basis for all your relationships.

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The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge is a call to action that encourages people to think about, write down, and act upon their personal set of Core Values. This is an easy way for anyone to actively discover, record and express their self composed Core Values every day, in every activity of daily life.

Take control of your life and maximize the positive impact of YOU.

The Core Values Challenge is divided into just 3 short sections, or lessons, that explore the definition, value, and application of Core Values to everyday decision-making, from the mundane to the critical. You will be asked to think about what’s important to you, learn how you can best prepare yourself in everyday life.

It takes only a few minutes to get started. One of the lessons has a question linked at the bottom. You will see the word quiz; this is NOT a quiz or an exam! The question merely provides a space for composing your personal set of Core Values.

The Core Values Challenge is a subset of the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program developed by the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation. Our experience has taught us that this exercise creates a reference point, a touchstone for making decisions big and small that can benefit anyone.

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