We have been collaborating with a group of UVM students who for a class project were tasked with creating a brand and selling merchandise on Redbubble.com. They requested to partner with us and have used our mission and logo as inspiration. Attached is a blurb from them about this project.


I’d like to introduce you to Live Easy, a University of Vermont student-led brand connected to the Flyin Ryan Foundation. One of Ryan Hawks’ core values, to live easy, was the inspiration for the brand. Live Easy was created for an entrepreneurship class at UVM in which a group of students pair up with a non-profit to create a brand and sell products through the website redbubble. This group has a lot of passionate skiers and some of us were familiar with Flyin Ryan before taking this class. Some members grew up seeing the foundation in Ski The East videos, so they’re really excited to have the opportunity to pair with a familiar non-profit.

Live Easy is also motivated by the spirit of Jacob Dupuis, a fellow UVM student who lost his life in a fatal accident this September 2020. Jake enjoyed snowboarding, skateboarding, and going on new adventures with his friends. His iconic mountain range artwork inspired the logo for Live Easy. Jake’s endless positivity encourages us every day; similar to the way that Ryan’s impenetrable authenticity inspires all who come in contact with the Flyin Ryan Foundation.

The spirits of these two young men continue to inspire us as we create a brand for adventurers like them.

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