John painter and Peter Hawks have recently launched the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program with two groups of CVU freshmen. This program is the first step in the in the state mandated Personal Learning Plan curriculum. The purpose of the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program is to provide students with a sense of identity and ownership around their own self-composed core values. This will serve as a compass to guide their future decisions and behavior. The program starts with an exercise of asking the students to define the word “core”, the word “value” and finally “core values”. 


Decisions Program CVU Board
The CVU students were challenged to define Core, Values and Core Values for this exercise.


The students were attentive and enthusiastically engaged in the exercise. They then went on to write their own core values and illuminated them with pictures and video. These visual representations will be presented to an audience composed of the people who are important to them.

The Flyin Ryan Foundation strongly believes that the Decisions Program gives students a life skill and that students should have the opportunity to answer for themselves the question of  Who Am I?