The following is a press release submitted by Flyin Ryan on April 13th, 2021.

Flyin Ryan Releases Decisions Program App for Beta Testing

Shelburne, VT – The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation mission revolves around the belief that self-identity driven by internally composed core values answers the question “Who am I?” and stimulates a sense of ownership and responsibility for subsequent behavior. Core Values Matter. This is the central focus of the Decisions Program; EXPOSING people to Ryan’s core principles, INSPIRING them to explore and compose their own set of core values, and ACTING on the core principles they have composed. We have developed programs that explore and promote these principles in two targeted sectors, education and athletics, with workshops typically taught in-person. We believe that The Flyin Ryan decisions program addresses the critical scale and life lesson that should be a fundamental part of the transition from teenage years into adulthood.

This spring, the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation is beta testing an online version of the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program. This initial release is being tested by a small number of coaches and teams affiliated with the International Freeskiing and Snowboarding Association (IFSA). The self-paced program guides each user through identifying strategies for risk management and expressing their personal set of core values.

The IFSA program is a custom crafted program with several chapters devoted to risk management which is integral to that sport. This summer we will prepare a shorter and simpler version which reflects the core Decisions Program process. We believe that the original Flyin Ryan Decisions Program has huge potential in terms of putting the core values concept into the hands of many groups and many potential individual users.  We expect to have this version ready for distribution by September.


The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit endeavor inspired by the life of Ryan Hawks. The foundation was founded in April of 2011 after Ryan, a well-known and widely respected extreme skier, passed away from injuries sustained during a Freeskiing World Tour event in Kirkwood, CA. To honor his legacy as a person, his family set up a non-profit foundation called the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation. Learn more at