12/16/2015: Chris Kaiser, president and founder of Morrisville-based Vermont Peanut Butter Company, and Peter Hawks, chief instigator at the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation announced today a partnership to highlight their mutual beliefs and mission.

Vermont Peanut Butter Company logo

Vermont Peanut Butter Company creates fine peanut butter and other super food products using ingredients sourced in the USA, with no preservatives, excess sugars, hydrogenated or palm oils. Their social mission supports athletes who bring quality of spirit and athleticism to their chosen pursuits.

A pay it forward ethic prevails within both organizations. We are thrilled to welcome the Vermont Peanut Butter Company into the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation family.

On Wednesday, December 16, the Flyin Ryan Foundation will be making an Adventure Scholarship award to team Notion at Ake’s Place, Church Street, Burlington, at 9 PM. Additionally, Vermont Peanut Butter will be on hand to deliver their own flavorful brand of support to the team.