We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Flyin Ryan team: Eduardo Emilio Fernández.

Eduardo is a junior studying Management of Creative Media, Video Game Production and Design at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. Eduardo grew up in Venezuela, attended a British elementary school, later graduating from a private high school in 2014. Ongoing political and economic turmoil in Venezuela led him leave there at the age of 17, embarking on a journey which has since led him to nonstop adventures.

He completed a year of post-graduate studies at the Cambridge School of Weston, near Boston MA, before enrolling at Champlain College. Beyond his studies, Eduardo also works at Champlain’s Leahy Center for Digital Investigations, which explores cybersecurity issues and risks across mobile devices, desktops, platforms and apps.

Eduardo brings a personal passion for winter sports, fluency both in English and Spanish, a thirst for a new challenges, and adaptability to his role as a Social Media intern for the Foundation. He will focus upon building additional content and links about Adventure Scholars into our website, creating and posting to social media, promoting upcoming events, and increasing the effectiveness and impact of our messaging across platforms.

Some personal Core Values which Eduardo shared with us:

  • Look around, don’t close your mind
  • Accept failure, and learn from it
  • Reach out when help is needed
  • Never judge
  • Keep your ears open
  • Think about what you’re going to say
  • Never lose contact with family
  • Let the past be a lesson
  • Enjoy the present
  • Embrace the future

You can reach Eduardo at: eduardof@flyinryanhawks.org