Crowd shot in the rain

On Saturday, April 22, Killington held its annual spring party and in spite of the rain, the event attracted several thousand enthusiastic participants. The day-long event included a succession of really good bands that kept everybody in good spirits.

Several things happened that I would like to share. Two teachers from Connecticut were very interested in our message and in the Decisions Program. They took the materials we had and vowed to promote the program at each of their schools, agreeing to keep us informed.

Several other folks were visibly moved by what we do and how we do it. A mother of two was moved to tears and vowed to share our work with her nearly grown children.

Tim & company
Tim and company

The other significant story involves Tim, a professional ski bum for the last several years. He was deeply moved by Ryan’s Core Values and our program. He collected our materials, including the Core Values Challenge. Our exchange ended with a spontaneous and meaningful hug, and 15 minutes later, he showed up with five of his skiing buddies. I set them up with our stuff and took a picture of them.

Our mission is to impact lives in a meaningful way by sharing Ryan’s spirit and core values… Case closed !!! We served our mission (in the rain ). As Ryan would say, it is what it is, and Jackie I need about three more minutes to finish up the address keep right on skiing.