A note from John Painter…I recently received a shipment from Stickboy Coffee that included my order of their “Go Skiing” coffee beans.  As an ardent supporter of locally roasted coffee and a self-identified coffee snob, this was a bit of a sideways move for me.  Buying beans sight unseen from an out of state roaster is something I just didn’t do.  Until now.
Tom Hall, founder of Stickboy Coffee, recently reached out to us at the Flyin Ryan Foundation with the offer to donate $1 to the Flyin Ryan Foundation for every pound of their Go Skiing coffee sold between November 1, 2014 and April 15, 2015.  He describes the Go Skiing coffee as coming from “…the best beans [he] could find from around the world that are organic and fair trade certified to create a wonderful tasting cup of coffee.  The coffee is roasted at a light/medium level to produce that smooth rich taste you enjoy.”  Stickboy Coffee roasts coffee for a cause, as stated in their philosophy that “…every company has an obligation to positively impact the world we live in.  We also know that the unsung heroes are non-profits.  As part of our business model, we have developed programs designed to help raise money for non-profit organizations.
My beans arrived with a note indicating that they had been roasted just three days before I received them.  The beans have a rich aroma and each cup of coffee brewed from the Go Skiing grounds carries a bold and robust flavor…sorry for the pause – just took a sip.
As we all look forward to the ski season arriving in all of its glory, I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to feel the same way about an order of Stickboy Go Skiing coffee beans.  If you are anything like me, the process of brewing coffee each morning is a ritual.  Bring more meaning to that ritual by supporting a socially and environmentally responsible business that is helping to further the mission of the Flyin Ryan Foundation.
Checkout Stickboy Coffee:  http://www.stickboycoffee.com/products/go-skiing