Core Values Matter

Core Values Matter – These three words are the mantra of the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation.

The flip side of the Flyin Ryan IPA coaster, listing 14 Core Values

The 14 Core Principles for Living, aka Core Values, as written down by Ryan Hawks before his death, provided him with a compass to guide his decision making, whether in sports, school, relationships or other aspects of daily living. See them in this video.

People with an established, self-composed set of Core Values have a touchstone, a reference point for making decisions big and small.

Take the Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge

The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge is a call to action that encourages people to think about, write down, and act upon their personal set of Core Values. It is an easy way for anyone to actively discover, record and act upon their self composed core values.

How to get started

  • Decide it is worth doing, and choose to do it.
  • Watch this 4-minute video on YouTube that introduces you to Ryan and highlights his Core Values. Remember, your Core Values are YOURS, not copies of someone else’s.
  • Use your smartphone, an index card, a small pad of paper, or anything portable that allows you to record your Core Values as they occur to you. These arise from your personality, your passions and your guideposts for decision making.
  • There is no time limit; it is more of a marathon than a sprint. There is no “right” number of core values; the right number is a reflection of what is inside you, what is important to you.
  • Core Values are action items; each should contain a verb.
  • Here is a handy Core Values worksheet  you can download, print out and use to work on your Core Values.
  • Alternately, you can work on your Core Values right here on our website. Just create an account and get to it! We do not share your personal information. See our Privacy Policy.
  • Once your Core Values are recorded, carry them with you. Post them where you will see them regularly. Keep them on your phone.
  • If you wish, please share them with us!

Where do I go from here?

If you acknowledge the power of discovering and writing down your own set of Core Values, and would like to help others discover theirs, keep an eye out for our upcoming Core Values Ambassador program, rolling out in September of 2023.

The Core Values Challenge provides quick access to defining what’s important to you. For a deeper dive, check out the Decisions Program. Take your Core Values to the next level by owning them, living by them, and sharing them with peers, family, teachers, coaches and others who are close to you.

Options for Students and Athletes

  • Once your core values are in written form, illuminate them by representing them with pictures or a video.
  •  Commit to them by presenting to the people of your choosing; friends, parents, coaches, favorite teachers, and other people who are important in your life.  As part of the Sophomore Advisory Process at South Burlington High School, students create a presentation that identifies their academic strengths, weaknesses, and Core Values.
  • If your school doesn’t have a program like this, commit to composing a written statement outlining your Core Values. Then take this idea to your favorite teacher or coach to see if there’s some way to help your classmates/teammates take ownership of their identity and decision-making. Share this website with them.

Options for Teachers, Coaches, advisors and curriculum developers

  • Explore this website.  Check out the Decisions Program pages and watch this video about the experiences of students and educators at South Burlington High School. If you agree that this is an important element in the education of your students, find a way to fold it into your curriculum.
  • Vermont educators: If you are associated with a Vermont school, note that a critical element of the state education statute Act 77 is a self assessment that requires students to consider their own core principles.
  • Contact the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation to request more information, set up a meeting or presentation, and obtain decals and Core Values cards for your students. The decal serves as a visual reminder that Core Values Matter.