Acadia Denali Kessler

Warren, VT

Acadia is a very active 6-year- old. She is adventuresome and enthusiastic about trying new things! She is non-stop in her energy and enthusiasm for just about any endeavor (except spinach). She loves caring for and playing with her twin sisters, Sailor & River who are 4-years- old. She loves teaching them how to ride their bikes, ski and swim. She is patient with them and truly enjoys her ‘job’ as a big sister.

With the scholarship, Acadia* will be able to enjoy her 4th season with the Mad River Glen Ski School. Acadia has aspirations of one day joining the Freeski Team at Mad River Glen. She has seen Ryan’s videos online. Not only does she LOVE watching what he does, she wants to do it, too! Acadia has a penchant for being a ‘ripper’ on the hill and excels in her ski groups each year. With this scholarship, she will be able to continue to thrive in her passion for skiing and helping others as well.

Since this is the first year, her sisters will also be joining her in the program. Both parents work at Mad River Glen during the winter season to help offset costs, and this scholarship will go a long way to assisting the girls’ shared love of skiing!


You can read Alicia’s application essay here!

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