Adam Messineo

Bozeman, MT

Adam’s Bio

Despite growing up in New Jersey, Adam always felt out of place in the city. ADHD made it difficult for him to excel in school or the sports that were accessible to him, which resulted in a struggle with depression for much of his early life. Fortunately, his family took a few a trips out West to ski, and the Rocky mountains left a lasting impression which guided Adam to Montana after he graduated from St. Michael’s college. He worked as a snowboard instructor for 7 years, building his skills as a coach, a rider and a mountain athlete which helped him overcome his depression. After meeting his partner Betsey, Adam’s focus shifted from chasing aesthetic snowboard lines to helping Betsey overcome her disability to experience the outdoors as much as possible. Despite the challenges they have faced with Betsey’s healthcare, Adam continues to chase his passions in and out of the mountains.

Adam Messineo Adventure Scholarship recipient
Adam Messineo Adventure Scholarship Recipient

My Core Values

  1. Help those in need whenever possible
  2. Treat everyone with respect
  3. Tell and show the folks that I love, that I love them
  4. Fear can’t see the future - don’t let the anxieties of tomorrow ruin today
  5. Never stop learning
  6. Let my passions be my guiding compass
  7. Do everything to the best of my abilities, whether it’s the dishes or snowboarding
  8. Use humor to light up the darkness
  9. Make time for the activities that feed my soul, even when I'm busy
  10. Health is wealth - treat my body with respect, give it time to heal after injuries and push it hard during training
  11. Listen to my gut - if there is any doubt, there is no doubt. But if it feels right, don’t listen to the critics *unless they pay your bills
  12. Be as self sufficient as possible, but ask for help if it’s needed

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