Adele Woodmansee

Westfield, VT

 My name is Adele Woodmansee and I am a second year undergraduate at Harvard University studying biology. I grew up in Westfield, Vermont in a very isolated home and have always spent a lot of time outdoors. I am passionate about hiking, nordic skiing, running, and mountain biking. I am planning to take a year off between my sophomore and junior years of college to focus on work and research.

This summer, before I begin work and research, I plan to hike the Appalachian trail. I will start within a few days of finishing my exams for the spring semester, and will aim to finish at the end of September. This is a journey I have hoped to complete for years, and I am very excited to finally undertake the challenge. I will use the scholarship to help cover gear and food costs to successfully complete this hike.




Special note: Adele’s Scholarship was made possible by Elliot and Nancy Douglass, Colchester Vermont.

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My Core Values

  1. Act with humility and openness around diverse experiences and backgrounds
  2. Balance intellectual, personal, and physical pursuits in my daily life
  3. Use challenges to build my worldview and outlook
  4. Always try to be fully present in my surroundings
  5. Maintain and expand my friendships with consideration and thoughtfulness
  6. Be appreciative and mindful of my privilege in experiences, friendships, and opportunities

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