Alanya Morelli

Moretown, VT

My name is Alanya Morelli, I am 10 years old. I love ski racing and skiing in general. I have dreamed of being a ski racer ever since I was a little girl and last year my dream came true, it was the best year ever! What I like best about ski racing is slalom because I love cross blocking and GS because I love going fast. My goals this year are getting better at slalom and really getting better GS down. Someday I hope to be on the US Ski Team. What I like best about being on the Mad River Race team is it feels like a big family. All the team mates that are now friends are so supportive to me and to others. The coaches are helpful, nice, talented, amazing teachers. Thats why I love being on skis.



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Calvin Myrick

Randolph, VT