Arthur “Arty” Schwartz

Salt Lake City, UT

Arthur’s Bio

Yo, my name is Arty I’m from Lenox Massachusetts but spent a majority of my winters rippin around vermont parks like WW peace park, Sugarbush and Carinthia. I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah and train with Parkcity Freeski competing in the REV tour. Heaven isn’t white clouds for me, it’s a powder day!

Arthur Schwartz Adventure Scholarship Recipient
Arthur Schwartz Adventure Scholarship Recipient

My Core Values

  1. To Be Free
  2. To share my passion with other people
  3. To take care of the earth
  4. To be happy
  5. To never give up on my dreams
  6. To have a full circle of friends and family to care for and who take care of me
  7. To be health physically and mentally aka EAT GOOD FOOD

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