Betsey Peryea

Livingston, MT

Betsey’s Bio

Betsey is an adaptive athlete with a full spinal fusion and a demyelinating nerve disease. She grew up in Jeffersonville, VT, and after her fourth scoliosis surgery she moved into a converted Honda CRV with her dog and headed West in search of bigger adventures. She settled in Southwest Montana (holy mountains, Batman!) and had her fifth scoliosis surgery in 2019. Still an avid nature dork, Betsey now lives out of her DIY sprinter van with her partner and two dogs. She spends her free time skiing, climbing, hiking/backpacking, training for her mountain goals, and finding awesome picnic spots.

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My Core Values

  1. Passion, positivity, perseverance: the 3 important P’s
  2. Love your body: It’s your only one!
  3. Be unapologetically yourself
  4. Be fierce
  5. Love, lift, and support others
  6. “disabled” is not a bad word
  7. Anyone has the power to do anything
  8. Always be curious
  9. Share the stoke!
  10. Be a good friend
  11. Being a dork is dope
  12. Teamwork makes the dream work

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