Daniel Davis

Berlin, VT

My name is Daniel Davis, I am 17 years old and live in Berlin, Vermont, with my Mom, Jennie, my older sister, Genevieve, and my step-father Harold. I am in my senior year at Union 32 High School, after I finish my schooling at U-32, I go on to Transition Academy until I turn 22., which is a special program to help me be able to get a job, learn budgeting skills and to also be able to eventually live on my own. I have Developmental Delays, which means even though I am 17,  I have the skills of a person who is younger. I also have epilepsy, which I do not let slow me down.  I have been involved with Special Olympics Unified sports, which is a Special Olympics program which is done through the schools since I was in 7th grade and hope to be able to continue with Special Olympic sports as an adult. We are asking for the Scholarship money to be able to go to New Jersey to be part of the Special Olympics team representing Vermont at the USA Special Olympic Games.  The USA Games only happen once every 4 years so for me this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is also a great way to make new friends for a lifetime.  The sports I am playing for the USA Games is Bocce ball.  The other sports I play for unified sports are Bowling, snowshoeing and Bocce ball.  I found though Unified sports that I enjoyed snowshoeing so much that for Christmas one year I asked my Parents for Snowshoes for Christmas.  In the winter I go snowshoeing around where I live and enjoy the snow and see the wildlife that is out there.  I have found moose tracks and other animals tracks.

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