Daniel Notice

Tulsa, OK

Energized, nimble, approachable, and efficient; I am the adventurer you’d want on every hike, expedition, or mission you are on. My adventure was a laughable match of laser tag with my friends Jake and Adrian during seventh grade. Jake and I decided to team up and look for Adrian and in just seconds after joining up, we turn the corner to find Adrian in a room among six other Red Team players! I retreated backwards for cover and returned fire, managing to call Adrian into our squad during the firefight. After looking at each others’ scores at the end of the match, I ecstatically exclaimed, “Oh my-gosh guys – look!” I showed them my rank, “; Ninety-Nine!” Jake contorted his face for a second before responding. “That means you suck”, he said. With that, I responded, “Oh…” then I ended in, “…Aw man…” Regardless, I still felt like a million bucks. Being in a laser-lit battlefield with your friends sounds perilous and exciting, but the effort you put into being more efficient with self control, contentment, and application is the real adventure. I will use this scholarship to pay off the rest of my college tuition at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, where I will study Petroleum Engineering.

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My Core Values

  1. Seek God first in my life.
  2. Wake up my mind all the time.
  3. Start and finish things the righteous way.
  4. Be ready to face my fears.
  5. Get myself out of the house for fresh air, every day.
  6. Keep in touch with those who support me.
  7. Take good care of my body.
  8. Work hard to keep my word.
  9. Be considerate of those who I can affect.
  10. Respect the privacy of others.
  11. Respect the law, even if I am uncomfortable.
  12. Always consider being a mediator, rather than a fighter.
  13. Never be confuse confidence for arrogance.
  14. Be thankful for every day, and live it like an adventure.
  15. Never be afraid to dream, or appreciate my imagination.

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