Devin Capen

South Burlington

My life has been quite a roller coaster the past few years. My grades have been improving dramatically the past couple years because of my new dedication to Snowboarding and how it has affected my life and academics in such a positive manner.  I’m very ecstatic to be recognized as a dedicated person because unfortunately in the past this was not the case. However, Peter opened my eyes to realizing how much someone such as Ryan can impact your life in such a positive way even though I’d never had the privilege of knowing him. This foundation has helped my family as well as me because it is just one more step to get to where I would like to be in my sport which just so happens to be Snowboarding. Another thing is that I never used to have core principals of decision making until i had heard about Flyin Ryan and now it has impacted them in a very positive way. So thank you! I could never express my gratitude more than to show you this wasn’t for nothing and I will work as hard as I can to do so. I look forward to filling you in and keeping touch during the season!
-Devin Capen

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